Yup, I'm now on Etsy

So today I finally did something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I opened an Etsy shop.

I know, it doesn't seem like much. I don't even have an order to fulfill or any crazy numbers. Nor am I really expecting to for a long time until things kind of build up. It was just the act of doing it - that kind of intangible dream thing - that felt so good. 

I typed out everything, took hundreds of pictures, tried to get my branding on point, (I still haven't to my standards if you're wondering. But what I have is better than nothing.) and tried to promote it a little. And even though nothing has happened, it just feels so amazing. Mostly because I think its kind of like physical proof that the percentage of likely-hood working in food service for eternity finally dropped a point. And that I can do this. Like really run things and manage myself.

I used to not have any confidence. I always felt so stuck. I was always not ready or too scared. So little-and-kind-of-dumb things are a big deal to me. Its cliche, but if I can do small stupid things and celebrate them, you can too. And I hope you do! No matter if you are a creative or not. Take that leap. Or little scoot forward. I think so many of us hold ourselves back because we see so many "other people" do it and comparison really kills. And of course fear. And crippling self doubt thats hard to shake. But honestly, I think most of that fear is cured by action. You just gotta do it. No matter how not ready you feel. If I would have waited to feel ready for any of this I wouldn't be typing now.

Cheers to small successes! We will be doing big toasts to the enormous things we pull off in the future before you know it!

grand opening.png
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